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Since 2001, has been THE trusted source for thousands of coin collectors world wide. We sell genuine Air-Tite coin capsules made right here in the United States. These are not the cheap imported plastic coin holders you often find on other websites or online auctions.  These coin capsules are hard, crystal clear acrylic, and contain no PVC to damage your coins.  Each capsule consists of two pieces that snap together providing superior long-term protection for your entire coin collection.  Available in over 40 sizes for all circulating US coins, you're certain to find a Direct Fit and Ring Type capsule that will fill your needs.  Most foreign coins can be protected with the ring type capsules, which utilize inert foam (Volara) rings that are sized in millimeters for a precise fit.  Available in every size from 10mm through 42mm, plus several larger sizes to fit almost any coin.  Don't take chances with your valuable coins, give them the best coin protection money can buy. has a wide variety of coin supplies at affordable prices to fit all your coin supply needs.

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Starting at 55¢! Starting at 61¢! Albums, Boxes & More As low as 33¢ each!
We now have the Air-Tite H34 Direct Fit capsule for St. Gaudens gold coins!

Our Featured Items

 2016 Redbooks

These Air-Tite coin holders packages are great for retail stores.

They are packaged in archival safe material and have an attractive package that will look great hanging in your retail store. Air-Tites are packaged here at our facility and sealed to ensure that your coin capsules will be free of scratches and dust.
Hard Plastic 1oz. 5oz. & 10 oz. Silver Bar Holder

Handle your silver bars with complete safety from tarnishing, fingerprints and scratches. Another great feature of this silver bar case is that they are stackable, so they take up much less space! Case snaps shut securely with three unique locking tabs, yet is very easy to open! Made from a high quality, crystal clear, poly-carbonate material.

These high quality hard plastic 10 oz. silver bar holders are specifically designed to hold 10 ounce Scottsdale Stacker™ Silver Bars and 10 oz. APMEX Stacker Silver Bars. They do not fit the regular APMEX silver bar or any other 10 oz. silver bars.
Coin Album for 5 oz. America The Beautiful Silver Bullion

We have these beautiful new coin albums from Book of Silver©. These albums hold the 5 oz. America The Beautiful Bullion coins when used with Air-Tite Z5 capsules. Does not fit US Mint capsules.

 2016 Redbooks

2018 Red Books now in stock. Available in Spiral Bound, Hard Cover and Large Print

Also now availabe is the Whitman "Mega Book" Red Book
The Red Book Deluxe Edition is five times bigger than the regular-edition Red Book.
Storage-Tube Air-Tite Capsule Storage Tubes

We now have Storage Tubes for Air-Tite Coin Holders! The unique "Storage-Tube" coin holder is a clear, high quality tube designed to hold 20 Air-Tite coin holders. The tube is air tight with a welded bottom and snug fitting slip on cap that form a vacuum type seal when closed.  These tubes contain no PVC and are excellent for long term storage of your Air-Tite encapsulated coins!

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