Specialty Coin Set Holders

Colorful displays for various collections of Morgan Dollar and American Silver Eagle, 11 Wartime Nickels, or 1982 Lincoln Cent Variety Sets. Each holder comes with its own vinyl sleeve.

Century Set Dollar Holder
Morgan / Silver Eagle Century Set
War Time Nickel Set Holder
War Time Nickel Set Holder
1982 Cent Set
1982 Cent 7 Varieties

2009 Lincoln Cent Coin Set Strip
2009 Lincoln Cent Set Holder
Specialty Coin Sets Price Qty
  Century Coin Set (Morgan and Silver Eagle Dollars) $1.75
  Wartime Nickel Set $1.65
  1982 Cent (7 Variety) Holder $1.65
  2009 Lincoln Cent Set Holder $1.95

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