Carlisle Coin Collecting Software Features

Collector's Assistant Plus w/Values

The Collector's Assistant Plus represents the next generation of the Collector's Assistant product line. It provides substantially increased functionality for collectors of all collectible categories as well as new add-on modules for other home applications including home inventory, home maintenance, financial assets, photography, DVD and CD collections, mailing lists and more.

Collector's Assistant Plus will automatically read in and convert data from prior versions.

New Features/Enhancements

Collection Listing Grid  

The listing of current items in a collection is now presented in a grid, similar to that employed in a spreadsheet program. The grid may be displayed with or without grid lines. Without grid lines it will appear similar to listings in prior versions. Presentation within the grid allows:

  • As many information fields as desired
  • Horizontal and Vertical scrolling
  • Font & color control
  • Column width and placement by direct manipulation
  • Sub-total rows
  • Printing of selected grid areas
  • Inclusion of column headings
  • Simple alphabetic sorting by clicking on column heading

What-you-see-is-what you get Report Design 

For reports other than simple listings we have redesigned the Report Generator to allow for direct manipulation of reports. User, work with a layout of the report and add information fields (with/without captions) as well as pictures and other elements such as Date, Collection Name, etc). Once added, report elements may be relocated by drag and drop. Individual elements maintain their own font and color properties. 


Reports of any size can be created and a page display allows for an array of reports to be placed on a page for printing special formats such as labels, flips, index cards, or multi-line listings. For most collectibles, Carlisle provides predesigned reports for 1, 2, 3, and 4 items per 8 1/2 by 11 page as well as 1 by 2.5" labels, flip inserts and index cards.


Preview feature allows you to see how actual report images will appear.


Tabbed Folders 

  • User customization (by direct manipulation) of 3 tabs containing collectible information, buy/sell information and condition information (formerly Item Detail, Condition and Buy/Sell tabs).
  • Note support now allows attachment of rich text format (.rtf) documents.
  • Pictures tab now provides 20 picture index (per lot) with simple graphic overlays
  • Action List tab - allows user to maintain and track a list of actions

Information fields

  • Additional, longer information fields available for all collectibles
  • All fields are user customizable as to screen layout, captions, sizes
  • Computed fields are available
  • Linked choice list have been added to allow a second choice list to be populated based on the selection in the first. For instance selection of country can cause a second choice list to display types relevant only to that country

Enhanced Data Entry Screens

Standard data entry screens for all existing collectibles have been enhanced to include additional information fields - covers US Coin & Currency, Ancient Coins, World Coins.

Clipboard support 

User may now cut/copy/paste text from one information field to another

Enhanced export 

The user may copy selected portions of the collection listings in a columnar format to the Windows clipboard for direct export to another application.

Import data from other sources through collection listing grid 

The user may read columnar data into the collection listing grid and import selected portions into existing collections.

Usability improvements 

  • Immediate selection of all view (My Collections, User Defined Sets, and Standard Databases from within the Collection Manager).
  • Collector's Assistant may be started by directly clicking on a collection file in which case it will start and open the selected collection.
  • Collection Name list is dynamically created each time the user starts the Collector's Assistant allowing more user control of where actual collection files are stored on the computer.
  • User may resize the main Collector's Assistant window and it will be remembered permanently.
  • Sorting, filtering, and report format selection performed directly on Collection Manager main screen
  • Automatic addition of new entries to choice lists - any time the user enters a new entry in a choice list, it will be automatically added (unless the user specifies otherwise by preference
  • Elimination of context switches - all functions are directly performed from within the collection manager.

Printable Help Manual 

The electronic User Manual has been completely rewritten in HTML Help which allows user printing of the entire manual or selected portions. 

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