How To Order Air-Tite Coin Holders & Accessories

Please view the screen shots below for complete information on matching Air-Tite capsules with different Air-Tite accessories.  The main thing to remember is that Air-Tites are classified by a letter, such as "A", "T", "H", "I", etc.  The number that follows the letter does not matter when you buy accessories.  For example, the "A" model capsules come in 7 sizes; A16, A18, A19, A21, A22, A24, and A26.  All 7 "A" model capsules have the exact same outside diameter and will fit any accessory designated with the letter "A".  If you have an "A" model capsule you will need an "A" model accessory.

You can also view our Air-Tite Size Chart for exact diameter and depth measurements of each capsule.

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