Guardhouse Tetra 2x2 Coin Holders

Guardhouse Tetra 2x2 Coin Holders
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Guard House 2x2 Coin Holder
  We're sure you'll love these great looking coin holders by Guardhouse! Excellent for long term storage, crystal clear protective capsule houses a black foam insert that securely holds your coin in place. Easily store in Guardhouse Tetra 2x2 Storage Boxes or any standard 2x2 storage box! Sold in handy packs of 10, these are sure to be a big hit with coin collectors!

  Guardhouse 2x2 Coin Holders
  Coin Type Pack Price Qty  
  Cent 10 Count $4.75  
  Nickel 10 Count $4.75  
  Dime 10 Count $4.75  
  Quarter 10 Count $4.75  
  Half Dollar 10 Count $4.75  
  Small Dollar * 10 Count $4.75  
  Silver Dollar 10 Count $4.75  
  Silver Eagle 10 Count $4.75  
*Small Dollar fits Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea & Presidential Dollars

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