Book of Silver© Coin Albums

Every Book of Silver coin album features...

  • Rich, padded, leatherette cover
  • Beautiful silver foil lettering on the cover
  • Raised spine with silver foil lettering
  • Custom fitted foam for a perfect fit
  • Detailed information about each coin series
  • Specifically designed for Air-Tite brand coin holders

This rich, padded leatherette bound volume is designed to hold the entire National Park quarter series (56 quarters). Each row is marked for the year of release, and each cutout is marked to identify where to place each quarter.

Additionally, each cutout has been carefully sized to fit the Air-Tite A24 direct fit capsule for the US Quarter. For your convenience, each book also includes 56 foam spacers for securely storing your quarters without an Air-Tite capsule. How neat is that?

Book of Silver State Quarter Album Book of Silver brand coin albums
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Description Price Quantity
 National Park Quarter Album $21.95
 Air-Tite A24 Capsule - 56 count (optional) $30.00

This attractive leatherette bound book is an excellent way to store and protect your American Silver Eagles. Each of these Book of Silver Albums is wrapped in leatherette, with silver foil writing and 40 holes designed to perfeclty fit your Air-Tite capsules.

Each Album has cutouts to fit 40 American Silver Eagle Coins in Air-Tite H40.6 Coin Capsules.

Book of Silver State Quarter Album
Description Price Quantity
 American Silver Eagle Coin Album $21.95 Out of Stock
 Air-Tite H40.6 DF Capsules - 40 count (optional) $20.00

Collect your America the Beautiful five-ounce silver rounds in this handsome leather bound book. Each book is wrappe d in fine, padded leather, with silver foil on the cover and raised spine, and contains room for each release year.

Each of the five cutouts have been perfectly designed and carefully crafted to fit the Air-Tite Z5 capsule for this five-ounce silver round.

NOTE: These albums do not fit capsules from the US Mint. They only fit the Air-Tite Z5 capsule.

ATB 5 oz. Silver Round Coin Album America The Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Round Coin Album
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Description Price Quantity
 ATB 5 oz. Silver Bullion Album $21.95
 Air-Tite Z5 Capsule - 5 count $8.00

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