Air-Tite Coin Capsules, Holders, Boxes & Supplies stocks a full line of Air-Tite coin holders and capsules, albums, storage boxes, and display boxes for your entire coin collection.  Be sure to check out wholesale Air-Tite bulk cases for tremendous savings on your coin supplies!!

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Air-Tite Holders Work? Need help buying accessories for your Air-Tite capsules?  Click here for tutorial on matching the correct accessories to your capsule.

Not sure which size Air-Tite you need? Check our coin size chart.
Presidential Dollar in Black Ring Air-Tite

Ring Type Air-Tites
Presidential Dollar in A26 Air-Tite Direct Fit Capsule

Direct Fit Air-Tites
Silver Eagle Air-Tite Coin Ornament Holder

Air-Tite Wholesale Pricing
Coin Capsule Albums

Foam Rings Only

Silver Eagle Air-Tite Coin Ornament Holder

Air-Tite in Retail Packaging
Guardhouse coin capsule storage boxes
Guardhouse Coin Capsule
Storage Boxes
Coin Capsule Albums
Coin Capsule Albums
Air-Tite Coin Album

Air-Tite Coin Albums
Air-Tite Capsule Tubes
Air-Tite Storage Tubes

Air-Tite Cherry Wood Case
Wooden Cases
Air-Tite PB1 Gift Box
Air-Tite PB1 Gift Boxes
Air-Tite Leatherette Coin Display Box
Leatherette Display Boxes
Air-Tite Storage Boxes
Air-Tite Storage Boxes
Air-Tite Frame Holder
Air-Tite Frame Holders
Air-Tite Velvet Gift Box
Air-Tite Velvet Gift Boxes

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