Air-Tite Coin Albums

Air-Tite Coin Albums are black vinyl notebook style with 6 black display cards, 6 vinyl pages and a protective slipcase. The slipcase is 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 2 1/4".  The display cards are 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" and produced from chipboard laminated with velour on one side and black embossed scuff resistant paper on the other. 

The number of openings per card are as follows:
Model A Album has 9 openings per page.
Model T Album has 9 openings per page.
Model H Album has 5 openings per page.
Model I Album has 4 openings per page.
5 Piece Year Set (5 PYS) has 2A (1¢,10¢), 2T (5¢,25¢) and 1H (50¢) opening per page.
6 Piece Year Set (6 PYS) has 2A (1¢,10¢), 2T (5¢,25¢), 1H (50¢) and 1I ($1 Ike) opening per page.
1 oz BAR Album has 6 openings per page.

Air-Tite Coin Albums
How To Choose Your Configuration Do you need help choosing the proper album for your capsules?  Click here for tutorial.

Openings per Album
Air-Tite capsules sold separately.
Price Qty.
A 54 Openings for A16, A18, A19, A21, A24, A26 or 10mm ~ 19mm Ring Type Air-Tites $30.50
T 54 Openings for T30 Air-Tites $30.50
H 30 Openings for H32, H38, H39 or H40.6 Air-Tites $30.50
I 24 Openings for "I" Model Air-Tites $30.50
5 Piece Year Set 5 Openings Per Page for (2) A Holders, (2) T Holders, (1) H Holder $30.50
6 Piece Year Set 6 Openings Per Page for (2) A Holders, (2) T Holders, (1) H Holder, (1) I Holder $30.50
BAR 36 Openings for Air-Tite Bar Holders $30.50
Individual Album Items
  Empty Album (holds 6 cards - below) $23.95
  Model A Card - 9 holes $2.00
  Model T Card - 9 holes $2.00
  Model H Card - 5 holes $2.00
  Model I Card -  4 holes $2.00
  Model 5 PYS Card $2.00
  Model 6 PYS Card $2.00
  Model 1 oz Bar Card - 6 holes $2.00
Note: Air-Tite holders not included with albums.
To insert the Air-Tite capsules into the display cards, place the capsule on a flat surface, rounded side (top) facing up. With the velour side of the display card facing up, align a hole with the capsule and press the card down over the capsule. Keep your fingers close to the capsule, with even pressure on the card all the way around the perimeter of the capsule. Continue to push down until the capsule is flush with the back of the display card. When all holders are placed in the display card, slide the card into the clear album page.

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