How to Use and Reactivate
Hydrosorbent Silica Gel Dehumidifiers

For Use in Enclosed Areas Only

The more tightly enclosed, the more vapor-proof you can make the storage area being protected, the better! Otherwise, your silica gel will "drink up" moisture from all outdoors, becoming saturated and requiring reactivation so frequently as to be inconvenient. It is worth it to do your best to make the protected area as vapor-proof as possible.

When you first use silica gel in the area to be protected, it may become saturated rather quickly as it "drinks up" residual moisture. Once the residual dampness is removed, you can maintain a dry condition with less frequent need to reactivate the silica gel.

Hydrosorbent silica gel beads are inert and non-toxic. They will not emit harmful vapors, stain, or cause any chemical reaction. Safe to use with foods, medicines, sensitive materials, electronics, films, and others.

Remove the protective pouch in which your Hydrosorbent unit is packaged.

Position your Hydrosorbent unit on an exposed surface anywhere within the enclosed area to be protected.

For the 200 gram, 450 gram & 900 gram units, be sure that the end containing the indicator card is on the bottom so that the active ingredients rest on the indicator card.

Examine the indicator from time to time. When the indicator changes from blue to pink, follow the reactivation instructions below. (Reactivation instructions are also printed on each unit.)

After reactivation is complete and the unit is cool enough to handle, return the unit to the enclosed space you wish to protect immediately. If you leave the unit in the open it will rapidly absorb moisture from the surrounding air.

Reactivation Instructions

Reactivation times below are minimums. Sometimes, when the silica gel becomes overly saturated, it's good practice to extend the reactivation period. However, do not vary from the recommended temperatures.

40 Gram Unit
When the blue silica gel beneath the inspection window turns pink, reactivate as follows: Place the unit in a vented 300 degree F oven for at least 3 hours (or until the silica gel turns blue again).

200, 450 and 900 Gram Units
Place the unit with the indicator card down, occasionally examining the card. When the center circle turns pink reactivate the unit as follows: Remove the bag of silica gel granules from the unit and place the bag in a vented 240 degree F oven for at least 3 hours. Replace the bag in the unit. Please note that it may take several hours for the indicating circles to turn blue again.

750 Gram Unit
When the blue silica gel beneath the heat-resistant inspection window turns pink, reactivate as follows: Do not remove the cap with the inspection window. Place the entire unit (do not disassemble) in a vented 325 degree F oven for at least 3 hours. The silica gel will gradually turn blue again. Instructions can be found on the base of the canister.

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