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A very popular and inexpensive way to store and display your coins. These cardboard 2x2 coin holders are designed for use in vinyl pages or storage boxes. These 2x2 coin holders make for a very convenient and inexpensive method of storing and displaying your favorite coins.

These 2x2 coin holders are made of cardboard and a thin sheet of crystal clear mylar. Simply insert your coin, fold the holder in half, and staple shut. Coin is visible from both sides for easy indentification. IT'S THAT EASY!

Cardboard 2" x 2" Coin Holders Price 25 ct. Price 100 ct.
Penny $1.25 $2.95
Penny (Three Hole) $1.45 $4.50
Nickel $1.25 $2.95
Dime $1.25 $2.95
Quarter $1.25 $2.95
Half Dollar $1.25 $2.95
SBA/Sac/Pres $ $1.25 $2.95
Silver Dollar $1.25 $2.95
Elongated Hole $1.45 $4.50
1½" x 1½" Cardboard Coin Holders 100 ct.
Penny & Dime $3.25
Nickel $3.25
Quarter $3.25
Half Dollar $3.25
SBA/Sac/Pres $ $3.25
Cardboard 2½" x 2½"  Holders Price 25 ct. Price 100 ct.
1¾" Mylar Window
(Crown / Silver Eagle)
$1.50 $4.95

  2x2 Coin Holders   2x2's + Storage Box
Cardboard 2x2's (100 ct) + storage box, red leatherette finish,
9 1/4" long.  Ideal for storing your collection.
  Description   Price   Quantity
  Cent   $4.75  
  Nickel   $4.75  
  Dime   $4.75  
  Quarter   $4.75  
  Half Dollar   $4.75  
  Silver Dollar   $4.75  
  SBA / Sac / Presidential $   $4.75  

Eagle Brand 2x2 Display Tray Horizontal Display Tray for 2x2's
Holds 28 2x2 holders and is ideal for meetings, swap meets, and coin shows.  Measures 16" x 10"

Description Holds Price Quantity
Display Tray for 2 x 2's 28 $16.95

Flat Clinch Staplers and Staples

10FL Clinch Stapler #10FL Mini Stapler
Ergonomic styling provides comfortable stapling with unique twin lever mechanism the cuts stapling effort by 50%. Staple up to 20 sheets of 20lb paper. Uses #10 mini staples.
Stapler Max Flat HD50DF Full Size Stapler
This is the finest stapler we have found for use with 2x2 cardboard holders.  Unlike conventional staplers which do not flatten the staple completely, this stapler completely flattens the ends of the staple making them fold up tight against the cardboard.  This reduces the thickness of the 2x2 and also avoids the sharp points that can sometimes snag clothing or scratch your coins.  REQUIRES 30% LESS EFFORT TO USE!
Item Quantity Price Qty.
10FL Mini Stapler 1 $9.95
#10 Staples 1000 Pack $1.75
#10 Staples 5000 Pack $4.95
Max Flat HD50DF Standard 1 $26.95
#35 Standard Staples
(for HD50DF Stapler)
5000 Pack $5.25

Self Seal 2x2 Coin Holders

Self Seal 2x2 Cardboard Coin Holders These are the best self seal 2x2's on the market. Crystal clear Mylar windows and high quality manufacture. Come with a convenient tab to make getting in and out of display pages much easier. Write on them with pencil or pen. Never use staples again!

The set of 50 holders shown comes with a handy plastic box that keeps your holders clean until you need them.  Archival Materials- No PVC, Accommodates Thicker Medals and Ancient Pieces.

Self Seal 2x2 Cardboard Coin Holders
Available sizes: Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, Sacagawea / SBA Dollar, Silver Dollar.
2" x 2" Coin Holders Quantity Price Packs
Penny / Dime
20mm Hole
50 $6.95
1000 $119.95
22.5mm Hole
50 $6.95
1000 $119.95
25mm Hole
50 $6.95
1000 $119.95
Half Dollar
32.5mm Hole
50 $6.95
1000 $119.95
SBA/Sac/Pres $
27.5mm Hole
50 $6.95
1000 $119.95
Silver Dollar
39.5mm Hole
50 $6.95
1000 $119.95

2.5" x 2.5" Coin Holders Quantity Price Packs
Crown Size / Challenge Coins
55.5mm Hole
25 $8.50
50 $15.95
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