e*Z*est Coin Cleaner Test Results & Instructions

Silver Eagle Before eZest...... Silver Eagle After eZest!
These amazing pictures show the incredible cleaning strength of e*Z*est Coin Cleaner.  The Silver Eagle pictured had been been unprotected and exposed to dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc. from 2001 until February 2004.  You can actually see the fingerprints and tarnish on the coin.  Just to see how well e*Z*est would work on a coin that had been so seriously mishandled we did a test.  The first picture shows the coin before being dipped into e*Z*est, the second picture shows the same coin after we dipped half of it in e*Z*est for only a few seconds!  Need we say more?

e*Z*est Coin Cleaner DESCRIPTION: Removes tarnish and finger marks in an instant from silver coins and jewelry.

APPLICATIONS: Special formula has no equal for cleaning of coins; additive keeps coins bright longer after cleaning. Invaluable to the numismatist.

DIRECTIONS: Using plastic KoinTong, dip coin in solution for 2 seconds. Rinse thoroughly under running water. Dry with MicroFiber or similar soft cloth (never rub coins). For badly tarnished or stained coin, repeat process as necessary. Avoid contact with skin, always wear Cotton Gloves when cleaning or handling your coins.

  Price Qty
  e*Z*est Coin Cleaner - 5 oz. $6.50
  e*Z*est Coin Cleaner - 1 Gallon $35.50 Call for availability
  KoinTong Coin Holder $2.99

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