Air-Tite Coin Capsules, Holders, Boxes & Supplies stocks a full line of Air-Tite coin holders and capsules, albums, storage boxes, and display boxes for your entire coin collection.  Be sure to check out wholesale Air-Tite bulk cases for tremendous savings on your coin supplies!!

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Air-Tite Holders Work? Need help buying accessories for your Air-Tite capsules?  Click here for tutorial on matching the correct accessories to your capsule.

Not sure which size Air-Tite you need? Check our coin size chart.
Presidential Dollar in Black Ring Air-Tite
Ring Type Air-Tites

Wholesale Pricing
Presidential Dollar in A26 Air-Tite Direct Fit Capsule
Direct Fit Air-Tites

Wholesale Pricing
Silver Eagle Air-Tite Coin Ornament Holder
Ornament Capsules

Wholesale Pricing
Coin Capsule Albums
Coin Capsule Albums

Guardhouse Tetra 2x2 Storage Boxes
Guardhouse Tetra 2x2 Storage Boxes

Guardhouse coin capsule storage boxes
Guardhouse Coin Capsule
Storage Boxes
Air-Tite Storage Boxes
Air-Tite Storage Boxes
Air-Tite Coin Album

Air-Tite Coin Albums
Air-Tite Capsule Tubes
Air-Tite Storage Tubes

Air-Tite Cherry Wood Case
Wooden Cases
Air-Tite PB1 Gift Box
Air-Tite PB1 Gift Boxes
Air-Tite Leatherette Coin Display Box
Leatherette Display Boxes
Air-Tite Silver Bar Holder

Air-Tite Bar Holders

Wholesale Pricing
Air-Tite Frame Holder
Air-Tite Frame Holders
Air-Tite Velvet Gift Box
Air-Tite Velvet Gift Boxes

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