2 oz. Ultra High Relief Direct Fit Coin Capsule

These coin capsules are a great way to store and protect your Elemetal 2 oz Privateer Ultra High Relief Silver Coins. They provide an excellent way to always be able to view the intricate details of your coin while also protecting it from elements such as humidity, fingerprints and scratching.

They also work for the American Landmark 2 oz. Silver Grand Canyon Round & Elemental 2 oz. Siren.

**This capsule will not provide a pefectly snug fit. The above mentioned coins may rattle slightly inside of these capsules if moved or shaken.

**Call for pricing on larger quantities than those listed below**

2 oz. Coin Capsule 2 oz. Privateer Silver Round Ultra High Relief Rounds 2 oz. Coin Capsule with Coin

2 oz. Coin Capsules for Ultra High Relief Silver Rounds

Holder Model I.D. O.D. Depth Each 15 ct. 30 ct. 45 ct.
2 oz. Coin Capsule Holder 1.56"

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